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Sociology : Bible Studies Discussion.edited


Running head: BIBLE STUDIES1Bible Studies DiscussionStudent
NameUniversity AffiliationBIBLE STUDIES2The similarities and
differences between the servitude instructions in Exodus 21
andDeuteronomy 15The instructions of the servitude found in the
booth books have some similarities anddifferences. They have been
put forth to show how a man should live with fellow man and howthey
need to relate to a master-servant relation (Brenner, & Yee,
2012). In Exodus 21 its allowsall slaves who are in their Seventh
year be set free without paying anything whereas inDeuteronomy 15
there is an advice to creditors to cancel all debts in the seventh
year to theIsraelites. The difference is in exodus it talks about
human slavery while in Deuteronomy, this isthe relationship between
creditors and debtors or servants of debts.The book of Exodus 21
has a detailed explanation and requirements on how to actbetween
two people where one has wronged the other whereas in Deuteronomy
15 there is nothat detailed explanation. There is also guidance on
how to handle firstborn animals, especiallywhen giving sacrifice to
God, but in Exodus 21, it shows how to treat an animal that has
beenfa …

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