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Sociology : Business Criticism


Running head: BUSINESS CRITICISM1Business CriticismAuthors
nameInstitutional AffiliationBUSINESS CRITICISM2The main social
environmental factors contributing to an atmosphere whereby
businesscriticisms can take place and prosper include; Education,
affluence, rights movement, a risingincrease in expectations and
influence of the social media. Through education, people tend
tobecome more enlightened and knowledgeable such that they can
notice some issues in businessand even be in a better position to
present their business criticism constructively. This leads
topositive societal change. Such high education leads to the
creation of higher expectations on thepart of businesses and other
institutions.Affluence is the kind of influence that the society
has on others. For instance, the setstandards of housing in the
country expose everyone to a certain required standard which
shouldbe followed, and which goes higher with every new generation.
Therefore, this also raises theirexpectations. Through social
media, people become more influenced, informed and enlightenedon
various matters such that one can criticize a business effectively
to create change. Rightsmo …

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Sociology : Business Criticism
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