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Sociology : Educational Autobiography 2


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AutobiographyMy school life has never been linked with good
experiences, but with lots of glitches allthrough. Despite all
these problems, I can go far to say that I enjoyed my school life
for overtwenty years of study. I cannot help but believe that my
cultural background played a verycrucial role in determining my
problems and positive experiences in school life. Besides,
mycultural upbringing was at the heart of determining and shaping
my approach to schooling andmy expectation as of attitudes directed
towards me in school. In this paper, I will delve inexplaining my
background, development from childhood to adulthood as a person,
and myexperiences as a student and how they affected my attitudes
towards education. Besides, I willalso explore how knowledge helped
me choose my profession.Born and raised as a Chinese, I was the
third and the last child in my family, which mademe grow in a
social and politically disadvantaged home. This undoubtedly
influenced myexperiences and expectations in school. Despite all
these, my parents played a critical roleinstilling to me the
importance of listening to and showing the authority figures
respect. Myattendance to a religious affiliated school from
kindergarten to the fourth grade played a criticalSurname2role in
strengthening my belief of respect, concepts of obedience, and care
for other people.Apart from being respectful and obedient to autho

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Sociology : Educational Autobiography 2
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