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Sociology : Group Think


Group thinkNameCourseInstitutionDate1Group thinkGroup thinkGroup
think is a phenomenon in psychology where individuals in a group
strain toachieve a consensus. Individuals tend to avoid conflicts
in a group to avoid being considered theones who are against the
position of the group hence; they adopt the opinions of the group
evenif they dont agree with them in order to have a consensus.
Individuals in a group set aside theirpersonal views and beliefs
and adopt the opinion of the rest of the group. Individuals
usuallyavoid disagreeing or expressing judgments and doubts about
the consensus (Naveen, L.2015).Individuals desire to have harmony
and as conformity in a group which actually results tomaking
decisions which are dysfunctional or irrational. Groupthink fosters
an us versus themmentality which makes them to adopt group dynamics
that dont even align with their personalviews.An example of group
think I have experienced in my personal life is that of the strike
ofdoctors. The doctors, under their union, were demanding a salary
increase, increase inallowances as well as improvement in the
working conditions. The government kept onpromising that …

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Sociology : Group Think
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