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Sociology : Human Rights


Running head: HUMAN RIGHTS1Human RightsAuthorAffiliated
InstitutionHUMAN RIGHTS2Human RightsIn the modern world, human
interactions are mainly guided by accepted rules regarded ashuman
rights. Notably, human rights refer to ethical values of human
conduct which aresafeguarded by law both locally and
internationally. According to Egeli, et al. (2019), humanrights
form an interception where all species of beings regardless of
their race, sex, nationality,language, ethnicity and other status
merge and interact. Moreover, human rights mostlyemphasize the
safety of human beings and their safe co-existence with one
another. The primaryaim of the paper is to explore the various
matters that pertain human rights.In my perception, human rights
are more of a social problem in different societies.Regarding this,
human rights mainly encompass eliminating the various social issues
that arelikely to occur in the communities in both managing their
risks and their impacts which acts as agood indicator of functional
responsibility. Bestowing to Szablewsk et al., (2019) the
UnitedNations Guiding Principles fights in eliminating the
violation of human rights in the societies. …

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Sociology : Human Rights
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