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Sociology : Individualism


Running head:
have long viewed individualism as a myth. This is for several
reasons.First and foremost, sociologists argue that ever since the
ancient times, human beings havelearned to live together as a
community. Despite wealth being accorded to the few fortunate,a
communitys wealth was seen as the collective wealth of the people
within. Ancient peopleworked together for the common good of all,
and they unanimously agreed on the wayforward. Also, individualism
is seen to be a myth because according to
sociologists,socialization would have been almost impossible if it
existed. People would only concealwhat they know to themselves, and
none would share their wealth of information andknowledge. Callero
(2013) further writes that individualism is based on baseless
assumptionsthat have no evidence. The lack thereof of empirical
evidence implies that there is noscientific proof of individualism
and is thereby classified as a myth. It is, however, possibleto
prove other principles such as collectivism that have long been
researched on and can bebacked up by the use of empirica …

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Sociology : Individualism
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