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Sociology : Learning Strategies Psychology


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STRATEGIES PSYCHOLOGY2Learning Strategies PsychologyHuman rights
refer to the rights which are characteristic to human beings
regardless oftheir nationality, ethnicity, religion, sex, language
or any status. They include the right toeducation, expression,
opinion, the right to life and work. Any person is entitled to this
rightswithout favor or discrimination. The International human
rights law have set out certainobligations for the governments to
act in a certain way for protection of the fundamentalsfreedom of
the persons.The context of social justice is based on the concepts
of equality and human rights.Human social justice can be defined as
equality that is manifested through the distribution
ofopportunities, wealth and privileges in the society. The rights
are manifested to the lives ofpeople at every level of society.
Social problems have become fundamental issues facing societytoday.
The sustainable development goals have set out human and social
rights whichencompasses all human beings. Their mandate is to
strive and promot …

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Sociology : Learning Strategies Psychology
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