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Sociology : Mod3 Sociology Midterm Paper


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Explain what is meant by the terms “ascribed status” and “achieved
status.”Discuss a specific example that illustrates how a person’s
ascribed status couldinfluence his or her achieved status.The
term-ascribed status refers to a social class status that a person
is born into or does nothave control over. It is beyond the control
of an individual because it is not earned. Instead, it issomething
that a person is born with or born in. The ascribed status can also
be assumed later inlife. The ascribed status is not chosen but
assigned. It is caused by rigid social designators, whichremains
permanently in the life of an individual and cannot be separated
from either the positiveor negative stereotypes that are associated
the ascribed status (Neeley & Dumas, 2016). Thepractice of
assigning an individual an ascribed status is based on family
origins, gender, ethnicbackgrounds, and race. An example of how an
ascribed status is acquired is when a person borninto a rich
family, and due to the wealth of his or her parent, he or she
belongs to a high socialclass.On the other hand, the term an
achieved status refers to a social class that one acquires basedon
hard work and achievements (Neeley & Dumas, 2016). It is a
social class position that isearned or chosen, and it can be seen
in an individuals skills and ab …

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Sociology : Mod3 Sociology Midterm Paper
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