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change is the transformation of anything or someone from one state
to another. Socialchanges are the alteration of the social
structure, characterized by the changes in the culture, ruleof
behaviour, social organization or value of certain society.There
are many factors that lead tosocial changes. Those factors have a
direct impact on society across the world. Some of thefactors that
change our social life include:Technology and economic changes- due
to the advancement in agriculture, there is anincreased supply of
food. This has led to an increasing population both in the urban
and ruralarea. The technology in the industries has led to a
decrease in production cost due to a cut inhuman labour. This has
also lead to family changes from extended family to the nuclear
familydue to the mobility of occupation and geographical region.
Family is never seen as an economicunit.Modernization- this is the
process of moving from agrarian to industrial society. This hasled
the division of labour from skill to unskilled labour. The modern
society has …

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Sociology : Social Changes.edited
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