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Summer STEM Challenges for Kids


These summer STEM Challenges are great fun whatever the weather and all use materials you’ve probably already got around the house.

Make treasure maps, play dough models, fizzy potions, sugar cube towers and lots more!

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Summer STEM Challenges for Kids
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We teamed up with the lovely Mrs Mactivity to create the printable STEM challenge cards, which you can download by clicking the image below.

Summer STEM Challenges

Sugar Cube Structures

Make sugar cube towers and place different materials such as kitchen foil, cling film etc in between the cubes to investigate which material is the most waterproof.

This is a great activity to turn into a game of who can build the tallest tower before it collapses!

Treasure Maps

Use cold coffee or tea to make white paper look old, then draw a map of your garden, house or even a map from a story!

Secret Messages

Write secret messages with lemon or lime juice!

Fizzy Potions – Summer STEM Challenge

There’s not much better than a fizzy potion outdoors on a sunny day. Add baking soda, vinegar and dish soap for a super eruption!

To make this extra exciting add a little red cabbage indicator to make colour changing potions!

Ice Painting

Freeze a sheet of ice and paint over the top. Once you’ve finished, wipe the ice clean and start again!

Flower Dissection

The best way to learn about the different parts of a flower is to take one apart! Can you spot all the different parts?

Once the stem, petals, leaves and roots have been identified try to spot the male and female parts of the flower.

Jump Up!

Make jumping frogs, jumping unicorns and anything else you fancy with this easy static electricity experiment.

Build a Raft – Summer STEM Challenge

Make a raft from whatever materials you have around the house and test how much weight they can hold.

Play Dough Models

Make a play dough model brain, bone, heart or anything else you fancy!

Bubble Wands

Build your own bubble wands with pipe cleaners and straws! This is also a fun activity for learning about how rainbows form.

Bean in a Jar – Summer STEM Challenge

Did you know you can grow a bean in a jar? Or use paper or card to construct a beanstalk for Jack!

More STEM Challenges for Kids

Try our fun newspaper STEM Challenges, make shoes, towers, dens and more.

I’ve also got some easy Fairy Tale STEM Challenges to try! Make a beanstalk for Jack, a raft for the Billy Goats and more!

SUMMER STEM Challenges

Science Books for Kids

I’ve also got a couple of fun science books you might like!

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