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Winter Print and Play Paper Science Pack


My winter themed print and play pack is a free download containing five easy science experiments mainly using the paper they are printed on and a few extras ( balloon, scissors, a torch and water).

Simply print, experiment and then recycle the leftovers.

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Winter Print and Play Paper Science Pack
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The activities are mess free ( apart from one ) with easy to follow instructions.

1. Spinning Snowflakes

Use the template to make three paper spinners. Attach a paperclip to the ends of each one and drop from different heights or add extra weight to see how it affects the speed at which the snowflakes fall.

2. Magic Opening Snowflakes

Cut out the large snowflake ( you don’t need to cut around the spikes, just a rough cut is fine ) and fold them up. Place the folded snowflakes in a bit of water and watch as the arms spring open. This clever science trick works because the paper is made up of fibres which expand as they absorb water.

To find out how this works and to read more about the science behind it, try the more traditional flowers opening in water experiment.

3. Penguin Shadow Puppets

Cut around the penguin shape and make cute penguin shadows on a wall! You’ll need a torch or light source for this activity. Try moving the torch towards the shadow puppet and then further away to investigate what happens to the shadow.

4. Jumping Snowflakes

Learn about static electricity with these jumping snowflakes. Charge a balloon with static electricity by rubbing it on your hair and holding it over the paper snowflakes.

The snowflakes will jump up to the balloon.

6. Winter Water Drop Maze

Use your skills to move water around the maze. Once you’ve mastered the maze with water, try some thicker liquids. Are they easier or harder?

Recycle the paper once you’re done!

Winter Paper Science Experiments

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