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Writing : 003322 5 New School Proposal.edited


Running head: NEW SCHOOL PROPOSAL1New School ProposalStudents
NameProfessors NameCourseDateNEW SCHOOL PROPOSAL2New School
ProposalWhen developing a new school, it is often very important to
consider a clear planningproposal that guides through the process
of planning and eventual successful implementation. Inthe
contemporary world, institutions are grappling with effective
adoption of the technologicaladvancements as well as addressing the
socioeconomic needs of the society. It is notable thatsociety is
increasingly becoming aware of the developments and thus increasing
their demandseach day. Therefore, the new school endeavors to meet
new demands in society while ensuringcreativity, diversity, and
inclusion of all the stakeholders in decision making. It is
noteworthythat society demands effective schools that demonstrate
attractive performance while meetingother social responsibilities.
One of the most critical stakeholders in the running of the schools
isthe parent. Notably, the parent evaluates the performance of the
school each day and may seekeducational services for their children
from a different school following any form of failure fromthe
current school. In light of this, this proposal seeks to address
different critical areas of aschool plan to demonstrate the
efficacy of the new school.This proposal shall explicate the
rationale of the new school and how the school is a
betteralternative from the latter regular education. Additio …

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Writing : 003322 5 New School Proposal.edited
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