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Communication PlanNameInstitutional Affiliation1FUNCTIONAL
COMMUNICATION PLAN2Functional Communication
ChartTargetDate/time/placeAntecedent toFrequency/duration/
consequences ofbehaviorof behaviorthe behaviorlatencyAutismThe
behavior iswhen it is theirdeficits in socialdetected at theturn to
take partcommunicationplayground asin theskillsthe
childcompetitionthe behaviorinteracts withthe friendsIntervention
goal/outcomeThe main goal of the intervention program would be to
ensure that there is developmentalprogress for the communication of
the child. This is to ensure that their social skills
developtogether with their ability to communicate hence enabling
them to gain an adaptive behavior tosocial communication. As such,
the child shall not lag behind the others when it comes to
beingable to communicate either to their peers or to people in
society.Steps to be implementedDealing with children with autism
spectrum disorders (ASD) could be hectic at times.This is as they
require more attention compared to the rest of the kids hence
requiring acomprehensive approach to dealing with their situation.
Some of the steps to be implementedtowards their recovery shall
include;FUNCTIONAL COMMUNICATION PLAN3Behavioral intervention the
behavior of these kids is usually different from the restdespite
their being of almost …

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