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Writing : Analysis And Evaluation Of Essays


Surname 1Students name:Instructor:Course:Date:Analysis and
evaluation of EssaysTo what extent did that student meet the
Standards of Critical Thinking in that essay?Critical analysis and
evaluation of scholarly work is an invaluable method of learninghow
to craft enticing and effective essays in delivering the message to
the intended audience.Roberts Kenny, a student at Winthrop
University in his essay on The Effects of Social MediaUse on Young
Women’s Body Image, claims that the use of social media has created
a scenariowhere the media influencers, due to their smart and well
poised photos, cause female socialmedia users to feel bad about
their body image (Roberts 1). Reading through the essay
clearlyshows that the student engaged in thorough research on the
issue and has well thought out ideasand arguments for the topic,
which are well presented using the three core devices of
rhetoric.This essay focusses on carrying out a detailed analysis
and evaluation of the strengths of theessay as well as the
shortcomings that need enhancement to make it a scholarly and
well-craftedessay.Considering the first Standards of Critical
Thinking, relevance, the essay topic is veryrelevant in the
contemporary society. The negative effects of social media are
current andemerging challenges in the society (Roberts 1). The
author adds to the relevance of the essay byincorporating
authoritative figures and theories in the essay. He first mentions
the study done byR …

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Writing : Analysis And Evaluation Of Essays
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