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Writing : Audience Analysis 2


Running head: AUDIENCE ANALYSIS1Audience
AnalysisNameInstitutionAUDIENCE ANALYSIS2Audience Analysis1. Topic
of the speechThe topic of the speech is Shuping Yang spoke at U of
Maryland (Liu, 2017)2. Type of speechThe speech by Shuping Yang is
a special occasion speech that is primarily amanuscript. It is
delivered during the commencement for the University of Maryland
class of2017 (Liu, 2017). All through her delivery of the address,
Yang is seen to refer to severalpieces of paper which read through,
and this makes the speech a manuscript.3. What audience was the
speaker targeting? How do you know?In this speech, Yang (the
speaker) was targeting an audience of parents, students, andhigher
education officials. In her introductory statement, she says, Good
afternoon faculty,students, parents, and friends, thus providing an
idea on who her audience is (Liu, 2017).Also, since it was a
commencement address, it is expected the people in attendance
bestudents joining the university accompanied by their parents in
the presence of theinstitutions heads.4.1. Effectiveness of the
speech introductionThe speech introduction was effectively done.
Yang …

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Writing : Audience Analysis 2
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