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Writing : Cinemas In Saudi Arabia


Running Page: CINEMAS IN SAUDI ARABIACinemas in Saudi
ArabiaAuthors NameInstitutional Affiliation1CINEMAS IN SAUDI
ARABIA2AbstractCinemas and theatres are found in major cities
across the globe. Some cities have multiplecinemas depending on the
population and the demand for cinemas in those cities. However,
thenation of Saudi Arabia imposed a ban on cinemas and theatres
more than 35 years ago wherecinemas and movie theatres in the
nation remained closed. Recent developments in the nationsaw the
ban being lifted and cinemas were allowed to operate in the nation
on April of 2018.This research will cover recent developments in
cinemas and how major theatre chain jockeysare rushing to be the
first to command a market share. The research will analyze
literature andscientific research on the topic, conduct a research,
and analyze the findings. Furthermore, theanalysis of the findings
will answer the research questions and recommendations and
aconclusion will be provided.CINEMAS IN SAUDI
ARABIA3IntroductionSince 1970, Saudi Arabia had placed a ban on
cinemas where all movie theatres were closed dueto strict
restrictions citing Islamic reasons for placing the ban (Almestad
& Stenslie, 2014, 504).In December 2017, the new Crown Prince
Bin Salman approved licensing regulations forcinemas which ended a
35 year ban. The announcement was met with sparked interest from
bothregional and international cinema operators. In addition, one
of the largest ope …

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Writing : Cinemas In Saudi Arabia
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