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Writing : Comparison Of Christie S Work Experiences To Frado In Our Nig


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Christies and Frados ExperiencesIntroductionChristie opted to free
herself from taking care of aging family and declared
independenceon her life by taking up new roles away from her rural
life. Being an orphan with no skills tooffer in the market, she
took up different jobs which all ended after a short period of
time.Christie went from being an actress, to governess, to
companion, and to a seamstress in a factory.Her life as an actress
was progressing well and could have seen her become successful if
she hadchosen to continue with the path. However, she believed that
the temptations and vanities in theindustry acted as obstacles that
prevented her from being a woman of character (Alcott 190). Inher
work as a governess, she was tempted to earn a better living by
marrying Philip Fletcherwhich could have seen her secure a good
position in the fashion industry. She decided that shemust be her
own heroin and therefore declined the marriage proposal. Christie
replied, I’llpaddle my own canoe as long as I can, and when I must
ask help I’ll turn to strangers for it, orscuttle my boat, and go
down w …

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Writing : Comparison Of Christie S Work Experiences To Frado In Our Nig
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