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Writing : Dylan Thomas


Surname 1Name:Lecturer:Course:Date:Do Not Go Gentle into That
Good NightDylan Thomas poem Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
is an emotionallycharged literary work aimed at addressing the
concept of death. The poet was addressing hisdying father by
examining the lives of different categories of men and how each
categoryvisualized death. By doing so, Thomas shows that death is
an inevitable occurrence that befallsevery man, but how a man life
determines his last views of life. This is captured in his
mostrepeated line which is also the title of his poem, Do not go
gentle into that good night. Ingeneral, Thomas seems to encourage
his father to hold on to dear life by not giving up by
ragingagainst the dying of the light.In the second quadrant, Thomas
addresses the wise men. He portrays wise men as peoplewho lived
acknowledging the mortality of life. However, despite their
knowledge of thisinevitability, they cling to dear life, perhaps to
make more impact in the world. This can bededuced from the poems
fifth line Because their words had forked no lightning they (5).
Inthis line, Thomas shows the desire of bright men to continue
livin …

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Writing : Dylan Thomas
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