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Writing : E928 The Interpretin Data.edited.edited


Running head: INTERPRETING DATA1Interpreting the
DataNameInstitution AffiliationDate2INTERPRETING DATAInterpreting
DataIn our group, we will use graphs and charts in the evaluation
of the data for easyinterpretation of the primary cause of problems
in Smith Financial. Charts and graphs will helpto interpret a set
of data by giving a visual representation that shows the impact of
variables suchas company culture, goals, communication, and
supervision. In other words, the technique willbe useful for the
interpretation of information where the different entities would
show a differentimpact on the organization (Bateman et al., 2010).
This will help make the best decision toresolve the problems in the
organization by addressing the actual issues.Example 1Smith
Financial (Organization factors)Company
cultureGoalsCommunicationSupervisionPie chartNo. of employees
considering the element asthe leading cause of poor
performance155182company culturegoalsComunicationSupervisionIn this
case, the pie chart will show the attitude of the 40 employee
participants on themajor causes of low performance. This gives a
quick interpretation of the primary factoraffecting communication
in Smith Financial.Example 2FactorSupervisionNo.
DATASupervisionComunicationSeries1goalscompany culture02468For this
case, the bar graph will show the number of partici …

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Writing : E928 The Interpretin Data.edited.edited
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