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Writing : Ensc 109


Page. 33& 34I. The graph is somehow skewed since not
everyone recorded the same heart beat rateii. An increase in the
axis values will result to a higher dispersion of dataiii. Big or
huge people may tend to have an increased heart beat hence an
increase inthe sample size will lead to an increase in dispersion
of dataGraph of heart class rate120Heart rate in
BPM1008060402000246810studentThe average heart rate of the class is
79 BPM12141618Page 1201)c2)c3) a4)b5)a6)d7)d8)c9?a10?cPage 1161)the
connection made by Newton between the moon and a falling apple is
that he figured outthat whatever made the moon to fall was also
responsible for the falling of the apple and this
isearthsGravity.2) It means the velocity of the object is parallel
to the earths surface3) Since the path of motion of the moon does
not intersect the surface of the earth, moon willnever reach the
earth. Thus falling does not automatically mean reaching. Hence the
moon is in astate of perpetual free fall towards the earth4)
Newtons law of gravitation states that every particle attracts
every other particle in theuniverse through a force which is
directly proportional to the product of their masses andinversely
proportional to the distance between their centers.The laws
equation is; Fg= Gm1m2R25)According to newtons gravitational law a
body attracts every other body in the universe with aforce which is
directly proportional to …

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Writing : Ensc 109
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