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Writing : Environmental Archaeology


ArchaeologyInstitutional AffiliationDate7th July 20191ENVIRONMENTAL
ARCHAEOLOGY2Environmental archaeology revolves around the
reconstruction of the relationshipssurrounding past societies and
environments that they exist in. In this field, there is
arepresentation of an archaeological approach of study that
involves the palaeoenvironment inwhich methods of reconstruction of
human palaeoecology take place. The process ofreconstructing
peoples past relationships and their interactions are delved into
and theirprehistoric adaptation and other economic practices. The
Subfield is divided into archaeobotany,zooarchaeology, and
geoarchaeology (Reitz & Shackley, 2012). In essence,
environmentalarchaeology normally involves the study which relates
to animal and plant remains with the aimof investigating which
animals and plants were present during prehistoric habitations. The
studyalso delves into how the past societies successfully managed
them efficiently.Archaeobotany is a subfield of environmental
archaeology which deals with the study ofplant remains that
originate from archaeological sites. This process i …

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Writing : Environmental Archaeology
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