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Writing : Environmental Archeology 4 .edited


Running head: ENVIRONMENTAL ARCHEOLOGY1Environmental
archeologyName of the studentTutorCourseDateRunning head:
ENVIRONMENTAL ARCHEOLOGY2Environmental archeologyThe study of human
beings as well as the environment that sustains life has been of
greatimportance. Change is inevitable, and the situation has been
changing so much from the past.How various things appeared some
decades ago is not the same manner in which they appearcurrently.
Environment plays a significant role in the life of human beings
and other animals, andthere has been a growing need to study the
relation and influence that each attribute has on oneanother
(Smyntyna, 2013). This is the reason as to why environmental
archeology has been veryimportant in trying to help people
understand their environment and how it has changed over thepast
period. This paper comprehensively describes the subfield of
environmental archeology aswell as the various methods used by
environment archeologists.Environment archeology is an archeology
sub-field that uses science and other arttechniques in deriving the
relationship that exists between the societies that live long ago
andtheir environments that sustai …

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Writing : Environmental Archeology 4 .edited
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