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Writing : Fixed Developmentally Appropriate Environments


ECE 203 Developmentally Appropriate ActivityPlanning for
Toddlers/ InfantsName of the StudentContent Area or Developmental
Focus: Science/Sensory: Exploration by Touch2 months old babyGoalTo
help in the building of reasonable tactile and sensory
skills.MaterialsVarieties of clothes based on their texture, some
toys, and the daily object.Examples of such objects include the
pegs, cups and many others.TeachingProvide the baby with different
textures and other objects that are available
forStrategy/Processthe exercise. These could be the rattlers, the
sponges, or even the textures ringsand another item that is common
in the house. You lay the baby naked aroundthese fabrics and
allowing him or her to interact with the details. Nevertheless,some
baby also likes being tickled with some soft objects such as the
feathersand other softs objects.ImportanceThis exercise is one of
the best sensory activity for a baby aged two months. The event
helps inmaking the baby to acquire some of the skills of sensation.
Keeping the naked baby increases thetouch or contact between the
baby and these daily objects. It makes them understand the texture
ofthese materials. As a result, the baby is capable of getting to
know their effect in terms of texture andtheir ability to
harm.Content Area or Developmental Focus: Language and Literacy:
Talking to the Baby2 months old babyGoalTo helping in improvement
based on listening, language skill and that vocalMateria …

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Writing : Fixed Developmentally Appropriate Environments
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