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Writing : How To Answer A Discussion Question 2 1pgs.spe


Running head: DISCUSSION1DiscussionStudents NameInstitutional
AffiliationDISCUSSION2DiscussionThere are many rights that have
been established in the past that are applicable in everyworkplace.
The aim of these rights is to protect the welfare and plight of
employees who mayeasily be exploited by the management or their
fellow employees. Workplace rights are coveredby employment laws
which covers the various rights and obligations that are applicable
in theemployee-employer relationship that exists within a given
workplace environment. These rightsapply to applicants, current
employees, and former employees of the organization.There are
several issues that employment law and workplace rights are
supposed toaddress or protect against. Some of the issues that
employees are protected against includediscrimination, sexual
harassment, wrongful termination, and racism (Sack, 2015). These
arefactors that can affect the welfare and well-being of employees.
Workplace rights are alsosupposed to ensure that employees are
provided with a safe work environment. Such anenvironment ensures
that they are not harmed in the course of playing their duties at
theorganizati …

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Writing : How To Answer A Discussion Question 2 1pgs.spe
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