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Writing : How To Answer A Discussion Question


Running head: DISCUSSION1DiscussionStudents NameInstitutional
AffiliationDISCUSSION2DiscussionLeopards cannot change their spots.
This means that there are certain inherent abilitiesand traits that
cannot be erased from the workplace no matter how hard the
management or theemployees try. In any workplace, there are certain
issues for which discipline procedures seek tobe redemptive. One
issue is where an employee is punished due to inappropriate use of
the socialmedia resources that are available. Such an employee
could be disciplined so that they do notconduct such activities in
the future. Such an action could be redemptive in nature since
there areinstances where inappropriate use of social media could
tarnish the image of the company to thepublic realm. In such a
scenario, the employee may be sued by outsiders and this may lead
topersonal liability. To avoid …

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Writing : How To Answer A Discussion Question
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