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Writing : Manage Teams And Groups In Organization


ORGANIZATIONEffective Group and Team Management in an
OrganizationStudent Name:University Affiliate:Date:1GROUP AND TEAM
MANAGEMENT IN AN ORGANIZATION2IntroductionTeam management is the
ability of a team manager or leader to effectively bind
togetherteam members to achieve their set objectives as a team.
Therefore, management of groups andteams entails various methods
and approaches to help team members to focus on the
primaryobjectives of the groups and teams. It is the duty of group
leaders to come up with effectivestrategies and methods which will
lead to cohesion amongst group members. The objectives ofthe team
should be the priority for each member for a successful team.
Therefore, in this paper, Iwill seek to explain various methods
which effectively manage teams and groups. First, I willdistinguish
between a group and team, team think and groupthink, and then
illustrate differentleadership styles for effective team
management.In an organization, a collection of individuals who are
hired by the firm and coordinatetheir individual efforts to work
for the company is known as a group. On the other hand, a teamis
more complex as compared to a group. A team is a collection of
different individuals whowork together to achieve a set objective
in an organization. Members of a team have a mutualunderstanding as
they work together to achieve various goals. The mutual
understanding thatexists between the me …

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Writing : Manage Teams And Groups In Organization
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