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Writing : Metamorphoses 1


Running head:
METAMORPHOSES1MetamorphosesNameInstitutionMETAMORPHOSES2Ideas of
MetamorphosisThe series of poems by Ovid reflects the life of
ancient habitats in the universe. Theauthor portrays the life of
people through the gods in the era that lived in the ancient world.
Ithink Ovids Metamorphoses describes the situations that were seen
in ancient era where thegods were involved in most illicit
practices. For instance, most of the stories described by theauthor
are evident in the contemporary world. Many issues that were
rampant during the ancientera such as rape, murder, lust, adultery,
divine intervention, among others are similar to the actsthat
happen in the modern life (Getty & Kwon, 2015). Killings,
adultery, extortion, corruption,violence, rape, and other felonies
are happening whereby the modern population has adopted theart of
committing crimes without the fear of consequences.Moreover, I
sense that Ovid helped the audience to see how characters changed
with timein the stories. The strategy helped in showing the
development of characters in the narratives.Metamorphoses were a
theme that portrayed the changes that were experienced during the

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Writing : Metamorphoses 1
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