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Writing : Organizational Issues And Solutions


issues and solutionsStudents name:Institutional
issues and solutions1) Describe the Organization and the Issue to
ResolveThe Glenwood Resource Center is a psychiatric hospital
located in the state of Lowa.Glenwood Resource Center began in 1866
as a location for orphans whose parents hadsuccumbed to the civil
war. The orphanage was closed down in 1876 and the facility
waschanged to a station for the feeble-minded children. Since its
development, the resource has hadmany challenges, some which have
been resolved by the top management as well as others thatare still
pending approval. The center has a resident population of about 400
people and a teamof 850 employees who oversee the activities and
programs at the facility.In the contemporary world, Glenwood
Resource Center is accused of poor employeeprotection. The resource
has recently been fined by Occupational safety and
HealthAdministration (OSHA) for neglecting to protect employees,
which has led to a series of caseswhere employees at the resource
suffer being beaten, being bitten, their hair being pulled andmany
other negative actions (Leys, 2019b). OSHA in their official
statement stated that thefacility violated 16 important employee
protection laws. The most recent case of this is where anemployee
had a concussion after being head-butted by one of the patients. Ap

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Writing : Organizational Issues And Solutions
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