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Running Head: WRITING1Does Social Media actually improve our
life?Institutional AffiliationDate8th July 2019WRITING2Social media
improves our lives in numerous ways which include the fact that
mostindividuals are able to easily carry out their daily businesses
through the electronic toolsprovided by social media platforms.
Many people around the world have managed to networkand connect
courtesy of social media. For instance, businesses are able to
carry out theircommunication and advertisements through social
media. It has become the most crucial form ofcommunication among
most individuals in the world. This topic of research is vital
becausesocial media use is a topic that revolves around events that
are essential to the existence ofpeople in the contemporary world.
This essay will explain why social media is a vital tool inrelation
to the existence of individuals in the contemporary world.Every
business startup has the goal of developing a brand that is
surrounded by theconcept that relates to community building. For
this matter, social media use has become one ofthe most amazing
ways to grow a brand that takes creativity, consistency and passion
in thed …

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Writing : Social Media Writing
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