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Writing : Terry V. Ohio


Running head: TERRY V. OHIO1Terry v. OhioStudents
NameInstitutional AffiliationTERRY V. OHIO2Terry v. OhioTerry v.
Ohio was a major case ruling by the Supreme Court of the U.S where
it wasstated that the Fourth Amendment is not violated when police
stop suspects on the streets andfrisk them without probable cause
or making an arrest. The Fourth Amendment is a provision inthe
United States Constitution. It protects people the privacy of
people through making it illegalfor police officers to make
unreasonable searches and seizures. The amendment is supposed
toenhance the privacy of citizens as they go on their daily
activities at their places of work and athome. The court case
stated that the Fourth Amendment is not violated when police
officers stopand frisk members of the public on the streets. The
officer could also suspect individual to becommitting or planning

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Writing : Terry V. Ohio
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