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Writing : The Cold War And U


Running head: THE COLD WAR AND U.S DIPLOMACYThe Cold War and U.S
DiplomacyStudent Name:Institution AffiliationDate:Professor
Name:1THE COLD WAR AND U.S DIPLOMACY2Summary of a Situation that
Required U.S. Diplomatic Efforts during President ReganTimeThe
Reagan doctrine was a strategy that was implemented by the United
Statesgovernment under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan to
stop the cold war. The strategywas implemented to fight the Africa,
Latin America and Asia governments that were in supportof Soviet
communists through supporting and aiding of anti-communists and
resistancemovements in the affected countries as a way to end the
cold. This was the only way the UnitedStates would help other
countries to promote democracy and capitalism (Morgan,
2016).According to Fenzel (2017), the Reagan doctrine was one of
the many doctrines that wereimplemented by the United States
presidents to address an international challenge. Throughoutthe
cold war years, the united states presidents who were there before
Ronald Reagan who wasorchard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter
were all in support and one time implementedpolicies during their
tenure to contain communism. President Jimmy Carter in his final
term, hehad already started implementing the policy by fighting the
communists in Afghanistan.However, when President Reagan assumed
office in 1979 after the Soviet Union invadedAfghanistan, he
rejected the carter policy which seemed ineffective in e …

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Writing : The Cold War And U
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